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  • Welcome to the Mountain View Hotel, a 3 stars North Cyprus Hotel in Kyrenia. We are a very friendly, family-run holiday hotel, accommodating guests on Holidays in Northern Cyprus (and Holidays in Kyrenia) for over 10 years! Our pet-friendly hotel is just a few minutes drive away from the city centre and close to the main road with access to public transport facilities to get you into Kyrenia. For those who want a dip into the sea, the closest beach is just a few minutes walk from the hotel. Other nearby beaches are within 1 mile from the hotel, such as the Escape Beach. There are supermarkets, shops and restaurants just within walking distance so you don’t have to go all the way into town for some shopping.

     Our children-friendly hotel can accommodate up to 100 people with 21 Standard Hotel Rooms, 20 One-Bedroom Bungalows and 4 Two-Bedroom Bungalows. Our 3 star hotel has repeatedly served customers with satisfaction for over 10 years, especially visitors from the United Kingdom looking for North Cyprus Holidays to escape the Euro. Our hotel has been chosen repeatedly by single, couples and families among other North Cyprus Hotels in Kyrenia because of our unique services and best value prices. For more information, check our Hotel Rates and our North Cyprus Holidays Packages.

    Mountain View Hotels & Villas is a very friendly 3 star family run holiday hotel in North Cyprus. The hotel maintains its high standards of professionalism and traditional values while continually introducing new service standards among other Northern Cyprus Hotels. Our aim at Mountain View Hotel is to always make our customers feel at home. Customers are thrilled by how helpful our warm and friendly staff are; there’s no wonder why we receive repeat customers all year round. You can hardly never forget your arrival at Mountain View Hotel when there are happy staffs with smiley faces welcome you as you walk through the door.

    Our Heritage

    Our hotel opened in August 1999 and since then, we always pride ourselves in being a successful family run hotel: this means all our staff work as one big team to provide customers with the best possible service. Since opening, we have done our best to improve our hotel facilities on a regular basis, so that our guests have no decision to make when it comes to choosing a hotel for their Holidays in North Cyprus. This family run hotel focuses upon creating a family atmosphere that makes you feel immediately at home, but without the worries of household chores. We thrive on afamily-orientated atmosphere here, and hope that this aura is reflected by the way we run our establishment.

    Majority of our guests are regular visitors who come to stay several times every year. Many lasting friendships are made between guests and staffs, and ourselves. We assure you a cordial welcome and we are dedicated to making your Holiday in North Cyprus as enjoyable and as memorable as possible.

    We offer special prices from time to time and we also have a Package Holiday to North Cyprus Hotels which covers flights from UK to Cyprus, accommodation and breakfast.  If you would like to updated by email with special offers like these, then visit our Subscription page to send us your email. Click here to access our Subscription page.

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